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Sustainable Bancroft  • Social


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  



Social Sustainability


Give "experience" gifts, such as trips to museums, rock hounding and parks. The happy memories of time spent together may last much longer than a material item.


Participate in giving random acts of kindness.
Be friendly to someone who isn’t.
Be a good neighbor.
Participate in community events.
Help those who are less fortunate.
Give someone you do not know a chance or a friendly greeting.
Help to improve education.
Put a Stop to bullying, sexual harassment and violence.
Recognize the rights and opportunities for everyone to participate.
Celebrate the diversity of our community
Work with others to serve the community.
Collaborative approaches lead to social sustainability,
Work with others on your ideas, projects and developments.
Promote affordable housing.
Be a volunteer
Keep an open mind and open heart when listening to people whose perspectives, ideas and priorities are different from your own. The better we understand one another, the better we can help one another.
Recognize that all people have strengths. 
Where possible, match people you know to a need in the community where they can use and develop their strengths.  Everyone will benefit.

Successful relationships don’t just happen, yet they are essential for collaboration among team members; for family cohesion; for retaining staff and customers. They underpin trust and allow creativity.

Give something back to your community.
Encourage gifts of donations to charities.

Use your vote to support a Candidate-locally, provincially or federally who promotes environmentally responsible and proactive policies and principles.


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  

Town of Bancroft

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Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0

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