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ROMA/OGRA Conference ~ February 2015


Mayor Bernice Jenkins provided the Council with an update on the various delegations held at the February OGRA/ROMA conference.  The town looks forward to working with the Province in determining positive resolutions for this issues.


Sunday  Feb 22nd    1:45pm

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

P A Lou Rhinaldi, New Brunswick Room

Provincial Policy Statement; Basic support, Infilling on municipal services is essential; Needs clear and defined wording concerning enforcement.

Update on our Pilot Project for Community Safety and Well Being.

As the host municipality of a rural transit we emphasize its importance with our aging population.

Update on Earth Sciences Centre.

Thank you for taking the huge step to reform OPP Billing. However, the unfairness of the “Reduction Phase In” is unacceptable. In 2015 our bill should be $1,007,931 but we will pay $1,434,251 because of “Phasing In” That is $426,320 more than we should pay following years of overbilling.

We await the final decision on “Land Fill Assessment” from MPAC. We were glad to have staff work with the government on this important file.

We left copies of all our presentations with MMAH.



Monday Feb 23rd     9:35 am

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change … Climate Change Presentation.

The Honourable Glen Murray     Confederation 6

Community Improvement Plan includes incentives that support efforts to address climate change

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law amended to support second living units in the residential zone.

Provided a location within our park for BCT’s sustainable building

Fire Chief Hoover is the Chair of the South Central Fire Smart Committee. They are currently completing a Pilot Project that will develop a template for the province to utilize in mitigating wildfires at a municipal level.

Climate Change is being incorporated into the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP)

Town staff are required to address climate change in all departmental operations.

We are currently in the process of a streetlight retrofit to LED.

Tree planting program in the downtown core by BBIA

Community Committee constructing a boardwalk along the York River

Some Parking Lots are returned to a permeable surface

Site Plan Control considers our ICSP for developers.

York River Flood Plan Policy within the Official Plan.

Shoreline Restoration through shrub and grass planting after the 2013 flood.

In the past the town has provided financial funding to community public transit organizations and will consider for 2015.

These are all long term helpers but there is a short term request. Both 2013 and 2014 saw extreme weather that threatened the town. In 2013 we had a flood and 2014 was close. We ask you to support an immediate review of the Water Management Plan for the York River that is not due until 2019.  Minister Murray indicated that he could see the point of this.



Monday Feb 23rd    9:45 am

Ministry of the Environmant and Climate Change … Nutrient Act

The Honourable Glen Murray, Minister      Confederation 6

We were joined by representatives from Mississipi Mills and Halton. Mississippi Mills have a very similar issue and Halton had a pilot project and was left high and dry. The reason for this is the province’s failure to completely enact the “Nutrient Management Act” and further to continue to extend C of A’s for land application of untreated septage.

it does not appear that there is any requirement or mechanism for calculating the reserve capacity for the lands upon which raw septage is laid.

So, to be clear, the Town of Bancroft, with encouragement from the Provincial government, underwent a WWTP upgrade to include septage that is not required by septic tank users. We have 1,000 sewer customers and an operating shortage of $400,000 per year as we pay our debt and OCWA’s increased operating costs on the expanded plant. This is a desperate situation for us.

We can lay the reason for this squarely on the shoulders of the Province’s change of heart and mind.  

Minister Murray immediately understood. He has offered to have us involved in looking for a solution and he apologized for the Province’s part in this ridiculous situation. I believe we will find a solution together.



Ministry of Finance  Feb 23rd    9:40 am

P A Laura Albanese     New Brunswick Room

Deputy Mayor Paul Jenkins and CAO Hazel Lambe took this presentation due to the timeline.

OMPF Staff prepared a detailed look at the OMPF formula. Our request was that the Ministry look at our information and then we will meet to discuss it.

MPAC We expressed our appreciation to be part of the discussions and pointed out the differences between Private and Public Land Fills.

OPP Billing Reform Thank you for instituting the Billing Reform. However, the unfairness of the “reduction phase in” for those municipalities harmed for so long is unacceptable. Can you imagine telling any resident of Ontario that you understand and admit that they have been overbilled for 10+/- years but we will now take 5 years to reduce your bill to the appropriate level. An immediate reversal and payback is the appropriate action, similar to a MPAC appeal.

We were invited and agreed to participate on the Working Group for municipal funding.  MOF delegation.



Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport  Feb 24th   12:45 pm

The Honourable Michael Coteau         PEI Room     

We are a small community known internationally for our mining history and the Rockhound Gemboree in it’s 52nd year. The only working mine is the Princess Sodalite, a favorite for our tourists. We also have a world class Mineral Museum housing minerals from our immediate area.

We also host a number of venues for the Arts.

We also sponsor many local events. Wheels Water and Wings is growing every year.

We are working toward an Earth Sciences Centre. Hastings County has partnered with us to get to develop a strategic and business plan. This will be an international project and we look forward to the Province becoming a full partner.

We mentioned a call that I received from a local tourism business and his concerns about RTO 11. He stated that it started out as a Lean Mean Let’s do Stuff Organization and has turned into a Consultant Based Process Driven Nothing Happening Organization, completely stalled by Red Tape. A Million $  Budget that grants a paltry $83,000 to tourism business’ at a 50/50 split.

Our request is that you find a way to financially support the Bancroft and District DMO. Further we request that you meet with representatives of the DMO. We would be glad to facilitate that meeting.



 Ministry of Natural Resources & Fisheries (& Forestry)   Feb 24th    6:50 pm

P A Eleanor McMahon         Nova Scotia Room

Flooding We brought our concerns with the York River Water Management Plan and flooding. Simply our request was to have this plan reviewed immediately and not wait till 2019.

We took the opportunity to thank the P A for the good work done by the Bancroft Office and Field Staff but they need the appropriate tools.

While Warnings are important for the welfare of our residents they do nothing to help with property damage. We need a better plan as we seem to be in a cycle of extreme weather.

Forestry and Tourism along with Services are the big employers in North Hastings. Our local foresters through BAFIA take sustainability very seriously. We must protect the right to harvest forest products in Algonquin Park.  BAFIA has just received an award Outstanding Forestry Education.

Wood Initiatives is working to bring suppliers and users together. It is almost unbelievable how many self employed people work with Forest Products.

Northern Outdoor Studies or NOS Program is a four credit high school program unique to NHHS, which provides natural resource management education and skills training to students. The program is currently under review and is facing the threat of cancellation.

This is an innovative program for the Bancroft area, and its cancellation would have a serious impact on the communities well-being.

Our request is that MNR move the Water Management Plan Review ahead. I believe we have agreement to see that happen.


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