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Proposed Quarry and Summary of Approval Process


Quarry Approval Process Timeline


In considering a new or expanded quarry, approvals are required from three levels of government: the Province of Ontario, County of Hastings and the Township of Faraday, involving the following steps:


  1. A.   Proponent hosts a Public Open House regarding the proposal (this was held June 25th at the Bancroft Fish and Game Club).  This was an opportunity to make available information to the public at an early stage of the process and allows the proponent to collect additional information from the comments of the attendees;
  2. B.   Proponent submits public comments from the Open House to Hastings County to form a “Complete Application” for an Amendment to the Official Plan.  The amendment involves a re-designation from the “Rural” designation to the “Extractive” designation;
  3. C.   Studies and background information are submitted to support the application (impacts regarding groundwater, natural environment, noise, traffic, etc.).  The studies are evaluated by the County peer review consultants in order to determine acceptability.
  4. D.   If the conclusion is an accepting of the background studies, the County issues a Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting and advertises a public meeting(under the Planning Act) for the purposes of considering the application to amend the Official Plan. 
  5. E.   County Planning and Development Committee makes recommendations of adoption or denial to County Council for its decision;
  6. F.    If approved, County Council issues a Notice of Adoption and forwards it to the  Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) for its approval;
  7. G.   In turn, MMAH either approves the application or denies approval in its capacity as the approval authority for the County’s official plan and its amendments;
  8. H.   If approved, a pit or quarry becomes a permitted land use at the level of the County Official Plan.
  9. I.      Following an approval (or as pending approval) by MMAH, the Applicant may apply to the Township of Faraday for a zone amendment from the “Rural” (RU) Zone to the “Extractive Industrial (MX)” Zone.  The application for a zone amendment involves Faraday Council advertising and hosting a public meeting
  10. J.    If the Applicant is successful in completing a zone amendment, an application to the Ministry of Natural Resources is required for a quarry license.  A public meeting is required as part of the licensing process.  A quarry license addresses on-site operational issues such as site entrance, noise berms, excavation areas, screening and crushing, hours of operation, blasting, etc. 
  11. K.   If appeal(s) are lodged with respect to the official plan amendment and related zoning by-law amendment and aggregate license, a “consolidated” Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing would be held to consider all appealed applications with eligible parties in attendance.

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