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Bancroft Business Update & Message

12:00 pm, April 22, 2013


The water level has stabilized. Municipal and Provincial officials are monitoring levels constantly while the state of emergency remains in effect. Town officials will advise you as soon as possible should conditions change.

There has been no need for forced evacuation or immediate alarm however we would ask that you remain vigilant and mindful that flood conditions may continue for some time.

Sand bag pallets have been put in place as a precautionary measure should river levels increase. The decision to sand bag properties in the business core will be determined by Town officials and announced immediately should the need arise.

Normal business operations are encouraged at this time as water levels remain constant and a surge IS NOT anticipated. Town officials will make every effort to communicate important updates to you. Please DO NOT act on rumour.

For accurate information please call the Town Office (613) 332-3331 or regularly check the website www.bancroft.ca. Thank you for your cooperation.



Bancroft Town Officials are organizing a media conference regarding the current flooding emergency. The conference will be held:

 2:00 p.m.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bancroft Municipal Office

24 Flint Ave., Bancroft

We encourage media to attend this event rather than attempting to obtain telephone interviews.

For further information please visit www.bancroft.ca or call the Town at 613-332-3331.


As the result of the “State of Emergency” being put into effect for the Town of Bancroft, a reception centre has been opened for those who have been displaced by the rising water levels in the town of Bancroft.


Reception Centre

If you are in need of information or short term accommodation please go to the North Hastings Community Centre (the arena) on Newkirk Boulevard


For further information go to the town website www.bancroft.ca or call the town office at 613 332 3331. Stay tuned to the Moose for more updates.

School Closures April 22, 2013

The Town of Bancroft remains in a “State of Emergency” and in the interest of public safety and in conjunction with the school boards, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School, the North Hastings High School and York River Public School, along with North Hastings Children’s Services, will be closed on Monday April 22nd. Please do not send your children to the schools or Children’s Centre. There will not be any bussing to these schools. The situation will be reviewed on Monday which could result in the schools and the Children’s Centre being closed for more days.


For further information go to the town website www.bancroft.ca or call the town office at 613 332 3331. Stay tuned to the Moose for more updates.

 Mayor Bernice Jenkins


Mayor Jenkins, Media Release 1400h

At 7:30pm on Saturday April 22 the town of Bancroft declared a state of emergency in relation to higher than normal water levels in town. This enables the head of council to act accordingly and quickly to ensure public safety.

The town emergency control group met yesterday morning and have had ongoing meetings since. Our resources are continuing to monitor the situation and it is expected the water levels will continue to rise for the major part of this week depending on weather conditions.  We are working with various community partners and preparing for any possible situation. If an evacuation is required we have plans in place. Residents who have already left their homes are encouraged to call the town office if they need any assistance.

We are not looking for volunteers at this time however we are keeping a list at the municipal office.

We continue to work with our partners to ensure public safety. The town of Bancroft and its partners greatly appreciates the public’s patience in this matter and will update the community through media outlets, facebook and twitter as this situation continues. For any questions please monitor these outlets or call the town office.



For further information go to the town website www.bancroft.ca or call the town office at 613 332 3331.

Town of Bancroft

8 Hastings Heritage Way, P.O. Box 790
Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0

Phone: (613) 332-3331
Fax: (613) 332-0384

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