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Sustainable Bancroft  • Social


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  



Social Sustainability


Give "experience" gifts, such as trips to museums, rock hounding and parks. The happy memories of time spent together may last much longer than a material item.


Participate in giving random acts of kindness.
Be friendly to someone who isn’t.
Be a good neighbor.
Participate in community events.
Help those who are less fortunate.
Give someone you do not know a chance or a friendly greeting.
Help to improve education.
Put a Stop to bullying, sexual harassment and violence.
Recognize the rights and opportunities for everyone to participate.
Celebrate the diversity of our community
Work with others to serve the community.
Collaborative approaches lead to social sustainability,
Work with others on your ideas, projects and developments.
Promote affordable housing.
Be a volunteer
Keep an open mind and open heart when listening to people whose perspectives, ideas and priorities are different from your own. The better we understand one another, the better we can help one another.
Recognize that all people have strengths. 
Where possible, match people you know to a need in the community where they can use and develop their strengths.  Everyone will benefit.

Successful relationships don’t just happen, yet they are essential for collaboration among team members; for family cohesion; for retaining staff and customers. They underpin trust and allow creativity.

Give something back to your community.
Encourage gifts of donations to charities.

Use your vote to support a Candidate-locally, provincially or federally who promotes environmentally responsible and proactive policies and principles.


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  

Sustainable Bancroft • Economic


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  



Economic tips


Buy local goods and services, create jobs, stimulate the local economy and contribute to improved social conditions.


Do research on the value to the community of buying within 160 Km.


Successful businesses support the local tax base and economy. Go ahead, making money contributes to sustainability!


Money spent locally stays in your community. Strong, local economies help us all.


File away your credit cards for emergency use only


Consolidate to one major card.


Buy the best quality products that you can afford, they will last longer.


Encourage consumers to make their needs known to local businesses.


Business should seek to accommodate the needs of the local population.


It is important for consumers to let businesses know when they have provided excellent customer service.


Use local resources to develop entrepreneurship.


Explore becoming an entrepreneur as opposed to leaving the community  to seek work.


Consume less and save money.


Teach your children to set aside part of their money for savings and sharing.


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  

Sustainable Bancroft • Environmental


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  



The Corporation of the Town of Bancroft

Date:   January 24, 2012


Resolution #24-2012

Moved by:                  Councillor Don Koppin

Seconded by:            Councillor Peter Whitehead


WHEREAS Canadais no longer participating in the Kyoto Accord,

AND WHEREAS Canada is the World’s 7th largest polluter,

AND WHEREASCanada for the fifth year running, won the Climate Action Network International’s Fossil of the Year Award,


AND WHEREAS climate change is most likely to affect our municipal infrastructure and budget negatively;


AND WHEREAS numerous agencies including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, NRCan and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, all recommend that municipalities plan for climate change and consider how it will affect them;


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the Corporation of the Town ofBancroft, as recommended by “Sustainable Bancroft”, hereby urge the Government of Canada to take leadership role in combating global warming and climate change.


AND FURTHER that this resolution be circulated to all agencies and associations that are representative of municipalities for their support.




Bernice Jenkins, Mayor

Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  

Sustainable Bancroft • Cultural


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  



Cultural Sustainability


Go to the Hospice movies at the Playhouse.

Use the library, read a story about other cultures to a child or an adult

Support theArtGallery, be a member, donate, buy some art.

Learn about our local aboriginal community and history.

Join the Algonquin Arts Council and participate with one of their member groups.

Support local musicians.

Help the Theatre, go to a play.

Teach a child to enjoy music and art.

Buy local food.

Learn about the culture of an acquaintance, enjoy a meal originating from another part of the world.

Encourage school boards to retain and strengthen arts and language programs.


For cultural event planning(or personal gatherings)  ask yourself these questions:

-Are the "greenest" materials being used when large gatherings take place? (plates, cups. etc.)

-Is there an incentive to stop the use of bottled water at events?

-Is there a way to reward patrons of cultural activities for car pooling or walking to events?


Another aspect important to cultural sustainability is coordination. Tips for this might include:

* When planning an activity or event to reduce competition, check the web sites of organizations in the community who commonly provide or advertise these elements (Chamber web site, Algonquin Arts Council contributing member groups, Village Playhouse web site)

    * Engage in partnerships with similar organizations for fund raising initiatives and in procuring common services ( one event to benefit multiple groups, bulk purchase of paid advertising, more partnerships for grant procurement)

    * Inform the North Hastings Economic Development Committee of initiatives for grants to seek support and partnerships.

    * Inform municipal recreation officials of initiatives

     * Make use of community information sources to publicize your event.


Sustainable Bancroft Cultural Economic Environment Social  

Sustainable Bancroft


 Sustainable Bancroft                      Cultural        Economic            Environment         Social         





Sustainable Bancroft is about sharing a common purpose: sustaining a community where people thrive and enjoy a good quality of life. Culture, economy, environment and social issues are interdependent. We want to build a strong  future without diminishing the quality of our land, water, air, natural, cultural and social resources.


The vision for Sustainable Bancroft is:


Our sustainable future will be based on thoughtful growth, health and wellness, creative expression and preservation of our natural environment.


Become a partner of Sustainable Bancroft.  By using the Checklist you will learn ways to make your life, your business and your community more sustainable!

 It is simple:

  • Download a copy of our Sustainable Checklist
  • Complete the form.  (Note:  Some categories may not be applicable
  •  Drop off a copy of your completed Checklist at the Town office or inform the Chair of Sustainable Bancroft that you have a completed Checklist.  (Be sure to include contact information so that we can send you information)
  •  You are now a partner!

See page 21 of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) for more information.
Chair-Don Koppin,  613 332 0777 office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sustainable Bancroft Plan - Download a copy.

Checklist - Download a copy


 Sustainable Bancroft        

Cultural       Economic      Environment     Social        

Town of Bancroft

8 Hastings Heritage Way, P.O. Box 790
Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0

Phone: (613) 332-3331
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