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By Nate Smelle – Bancroft This Week – Opinion Editorial (http://www.bancroftthisweek.com/)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 11:12:40 EST AM


OBSERVING BOTH THE natural and cultural features of the local landscape it doesn’t take one long to recognize the rich potential of this region. Whether you are scanning the local art studios for a one of a kind creation to complement your home or cottage decor, or whether you are exploring the many surrounding lakes, rivers, forests and fields you are tapping into this endemic potential.
Culturally this potential grows when the creative talents of the community are nurtured and not suppressed. As an observer and supporter of so many events throughout North Hastings I am continually amazed by just how talented this community really is. Just when you think you have taken in all of the local artists’ most recent creations you will walk into a cafe, a library, or a gallery and lo and behold someone is sharing a newly manufactured expression of their inspiration.
So what is it about Bancroft, and all North Hastings for that matter that draws so many creative and talented individuals to settle in this area?
Next time you find yourself wandering through one of our local artists’ exhibits, or studios look at the subject matter at the heart of their expression, and you will find the answer.
Quite simply, I believe that it is nature that is inspiring the vast majority of creative endeavours throughout our community.
Lucky for us, as we strive to embrace our local arts and culture as a desirable destination for tourists we find ourselves immersed in the renewable resource of the natural beauty that fuels the creativity driving this transformation.
This life-giving source of inspiration is self-renewing and limitless in its potential as long as it is not neglected or destroyed. Its value is so great that it cannot be contained by a barrel or a pipeline.
The natural beauty of this resource is best appreciated and most profitable when it is allowed to evolve and flourish in its own way, and for its own sake. The more it is interfered with, the less desirable and genuine it becomes.
This natural resource of inspiration is not only there to be harvested and tapped into by artists and craftspeople it is there for everyone to benefit from. The inspiring force that compels the creative to swipe their paint-laden brush across an empty canvas is the same motivating force that inspires the many rockhounds, paddlers and snowmobilers to swipe their bank cards in our local shops and restaurants.
The sooner we recognize how deep this well of inspiration runs beneath our feet the better we can utilize this most natural resource to its full potential.

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