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Mayor's Comments – January 8, 2013


The wonderful Christmas Season of Peace and Goodwill was overshadowed by the grief caused by the actions of an out of control person in Newtown. This senseless act strikes terror in the hearts of everyone. Our sympathy goes out to the community of Newtown.


While most of us were busy visiting and eating all the terrific food this season brings out, our works department put in many extra hours to keep our roadways safe. Perry and his dedicated elves made sure Santa’s sleigh and all our families could get through. Job well done!


2012 is behind us. 2013 is before us. Two years down, two years to go and much work to do. In 2012 we were exceptionally busy. Unfortunately, much of our time and energy was spent on issues that should never have hit our radar screens.  At the end of 2012 some strong decisions were made and now we need to chart the course for our future.


When I am asked about this council I always say “We are very fortunate to have seven strong councilors with seven strong opinions. All work hard for the Town of Bancroft. Most often we come together with a compromise that works for everyone. That is the job of council. The glue that binds us all together is our wish to make our community better.”


Two years ago we each entered this council chamber with ideas to make the town stronger and more viable. One train of thought was to find ways to cut costs. The other train of thought was to encourage development, thus more assessment. We immediately started work on our ballooning policing costs as they were the most obvious and took a more proactive interest in Economic Development. I believe 2013 will show rewards on both fronts. But, neither of these things alone can fix our financial issues.


We have been negatively affected by decisions made by higher levels of government along with some decisions at a local level. This council has the ability and the strength to get involved and forcefully advance our issues with higher levels of government. Not just to complain but to work towards a solution. We also know that we must be responsible for every decision at our level and look for every opportunity to stabilize our future. All of this while listening to our constituents.


We were elected to represent our people’s wishes. Often, there are a number of differing opinions in the community. We make decisions based on the information we have at the time. This is where our staff play such an important part.  Considering these things, we are charged to make the best decision for the municipality. Sometimes it means making a decision that is not popular.  In the end, only history will decide if we make the right decisions.


Talking to council members and staff, I feel positive and am excited about the future. Let us see what we can accomplish in 2013.


We will miss Barb Shaw at the media table and we congratulate her on her new position.

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