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Mayor's Comments - March 12, 2013


Good morning: At our February Council meeting I was presented a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. To say I was surprised is an understatement. The emotions that surface are many and varied. I believe you saw them all. Let me say today … Thank you so very much, I am proud to accept this medal on behalf of all the volunteers in our community, many who deserve it far more than I. When I have occasion to wear it, know that I do so for us all. 


I would like to take this opportunity to mention a critical incident that happened in Bancroft a few weeks ago. What started as a call for help ended with an OPP Officer and two residents severely injured.


When this sort of tragedy occurs in a close knit community, such as Bancroft, it affects us all. The community as a whole was shocked.


But, to quote my friend Staff Sgt Mark Wolfe, we see great work in difficult times by amazing people.


Mark and I have discussed the level of professionalism that was experienced. To mention a few: EMS the immediate and carefull care of the injured, QHC the absolute need for our emergency room, Dr McEnery and his ability to deal with the three patients with differing needs at the same time, and our local OPP who had to go on working with one of their own so injured. The end result could have been so very different if one or more of these services was not available.


Council, members of our work force and our volunteer fire dept extend our support to the men and women who serve to protect our community.  We all live in the belief that this sort of incident only happens on the evening news. However, all emergency services face different challenges every day. Safety must be priority #1. 


It has been a busy month. DM Wiggins, Councillor Bruce, Interim CAO Silver, Deputy Clerk Lambe and Acting Manager of Public Works Perry Kelly attended ROMA. The Sessions were interesting and the Trade Show worthwhile.


We had three delegations and I believe that they all were of value.


OPP Delegation … We again spoke about the ABILITY TO PAY and the need for FAIRNESS in costing. Madame Meileur thanked me for agreeing to participate in the OPP Working Group. This group has been brought together by Bureau Commander Rick Philbin, Municipal Policing Bureau. We also talked briefly about the new Community Safety and Wellbeing Advisory Committee.


MNR Delegation … We met with MPP Joe Dickson, PA. We took the opportunity to talk about some forestry issues and in particular the Spruce Lake Bridge. We will have further meetings on this subject. We voiced our concerns about the continual downsizing of MNR and the need of local offices and the part they play in our culture. We also took the opportunity to bring the NOS and NERDS program to the Ministries attention.


MMAH Delegation … We had a positive meeting with Minister Jeffrey. We had the opportunity to discuss the many aspects of the draft Provincial Policy Statement.  We talked about the value of municipalities sharing services. We touched on Wild Land Fire Mitigation, Climate Impact, Aboriginal Component, Trails, Sense of Place, etc. In general we feel that the Provincial Policy Statement is on track but there still needs to be clearer information on some topics.


Hastings County Warden, Rick Phillips and MPP Todd Smith took time from their busy schedules to sit in on some of our delegations. Dr Hugh Russell attended the OPP delegation.


We rounded the last day out with a trip to Queen’s Park where we were greeted by our local representative Todd Smith, MPP. It was a wonderfull experience and appreciated by all. However, I will not pretend that I would like to trade places with the Speaker of the House.


On the OPP Working Group, the first meetings was held in Orillia. There is a diverse representation and I am hopefull that we will find some options for the Minister to resolve the costing formula.


You will note some meetings across the area bringing information concerning the Algonquin Land Claims. Be sure to inform yourself.


Last Friday was international Women’s Day. I believe this marks 100 years. I was honoured to bring greetings to the local celebration and later in our own workplace. The theme this year is: Working together, Engaging Men to End Violence against Women. All men, Fathers, Grandfathers, Sons, Brothers, Husbands, Significant Others and Friends and Strangers need to speak out both with their voice and by their actions to say No More. Make those who do harm understand we will not turn our head, this will not be tolerated. 


On a completely different front I am proud to announce that again this year, The Gemboree is rated one of the 2013 Top 100 Festivals & Events in Ontario!

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